Friday, December 5, 2008

Hairpin Lace Scarf

I've always wanted to crochet a scarf with the hairpin lace loom that I bought on E-bay several months ago. When I was sick and couldn't fly to Kuching with my son, my sister-in-law took care of him. She also bought my son a shirt and my brother-in-law bought him two books. To thank her, I thought it would be nice to crochet a scarf as a gift for her this Christmas. The yarn is acrylic that has a shiny metalic thread running through it. I think it is lovely. What do you think?

Started : 2-12-2008
Finished : 2-12-2008
Yarn : From my friend, Lobug
Pattern : Chinese book from Popular Bookstore

1 comment:

riya said...


that's very nice gift...but u shud also tell how to join the scarf....i know how to make u pin lace but unable to join it....