Monday, July 6, 2009

Latest Handspun

I have been very busy lately...dyeing and spinning! Knitting has taken a back seat...wish that I had 48 hours in a day !:P These are my latest hand dyed and hand spun:

Mulled Wine

The first hand spun is Mulled Wine that I got from EGMTK. It is 609 m spun from 100 gm of merino top. I am keeping it as singles because I intend to knit a shawl with it :) I just love to spin this sliver because it is so soft and no drafting is required. Saves me a lot of time and that is what I needed the most!

The second hand spun is Pomegranate :


Pomegranate 2

This is 475 m of BFL - 2 ply dyed using kettle dyeing. My pot was too small, so some parts are lighter in colour. Got to get a bigger pot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pvc Niddy Noddy

I have been using the legs of a chair to wind my handspun yarns. It is a tiring and slow process. So, I decided to search the internet for a handmade niddy noddy. I found the instructions for pvc made niddy noddy from here. I asked my husband to look at the hardware shop for these pvc pipes. Yesterday, he came home with this :

Pvc Niddy Noddy

Yippee! I got myself a pvc niddy noddy. The instructions were to sand paper the rough edges. The shop owner asked whether my husband wanted end caps for the pipes. Voila! niddy noddy does not need to be sand papered and it looks much better! I asked husband how much does it cost and he said "RM50.00!" and I said "huh??" Do you know how much it cost? The total cost inclusive of workmanship is only RM5.00! Lol....what a nice and cheap niddy noddy!