Monday, July 6, 2009

Latest Handspun

I have been very busy lately...dyeing and spinning! Knitting has taken a back seat...wish that I had 48 hours in a day !:P These are my latest hand dyed and hand spun:

Mulled Wine

The first hand spun is Mulled Wine that I got from EGMTK. It is 609 m spun from 100 gm of merino top. I am keeping it as singles because I intend to knit a shawl with it :) I just love to spin this sliver because it is so soft and no drafting is required. Saves me a lot of time and that is what I needed the most!

The second hand spun is Pomegranate :


Pomegranate 2

This is 475 m of BFL - 2 ply dyed using kettle dyeing. My pot was too small, so some parts are lighter in colour. Got to get a bigger pot!

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