Monday, January 18, 2010


I first cast on for this top in November 2009. Can't remember it was that long time ago! Finally, I finished knitting it on 15th January 2010. I used Jaeger Trinity Zest yarn which is a mixture of silk, cotton and polyamide fibre. The yarn is not so smooth and my arms just ache after knitting for an hour or two. That is why this is the longest time that I have taken to knit a top.

The original pattern is supposed to be a cardigan. I modified it to a short sleeve top and made some changes in the pattern too. It is knitted in the round from top down. That is my favourite seaming! :) I also added crochet edgings for the neckline, sleeves and hem.

I am glad that it turned out well. I hope that my friend, Soon will like it!


fleegle said...

What a beautiful sweater!!

Glad you liked my eye-watering socks :)

knitterPat said...

Thank you :)

fleegle said...

Roy loves his socks! And I have enough left over to make him another pair when he wears these out :)