Sunday, May 17, 2009

Handpainted Rovings

I have always loved and fascinated by the beautiful colours that can be created from handpainted rovings. So there I was mixing dye like a mad scientist trying to get just the perfect colour that I want. These are my latest two creations from my kitchen :) I have named my first roving Cotton Candy because it reminded me so much of those fluffy sweet candy. It is 107 gm of BFL that I got from World Of Wool.

Cotton Candy (BFL)

Cotton Candy 107 gm

The second one shown in the photo below is Forest. I love the contrasting and blending colours of orange, brown, green and my favourite lilac. This is 140 gm of 23 mic merino. It is so soft and squishy. My son actually love it very much and squeeze it againt his face. Lol ....that was a lovely sight!

Forest 3

Forest 6

Next, I will be busy spinning these rovings. I hope it will turn out beautifully! :D


Petrina said...

Very pretty!!! I love the Cotton Candy... :D

eleraine said...

Great job there, seriously. :)

Love them both!

knitterPat said...

Thank you Petrina :)

knitterPat said...

Thank you Mei.
I love them too! :)

YarnSnob said...

they are lovely! tell me how you did these!

knitterPat said...

Thanks E :)
No, is secret! :))