Friday, May 8, 2009

Cables & Lace

I always visit my mother-in-law in Kuala Lumpur during the school holidays. As usual,me and my family will shop at MPH Mid Valley Megamall. I love to spend my time browsing knitting books and magazines. Then suddenly, I saw this beautiful wrap cum top from Knit'N Style April 2009 issue. Without hesitating, I grab the magazine and bought it. That is me..sometimes I just buy the magazine because of one pattern that I really love. Do you do that too? :)

To knit a small size top, I will need 7 balls of 50 gms (125 yds) yarn. So there I was going through my drawers of yarn looking for the perfect yarn. Luckily for me I found out that I have just enough yarns for this top. I have 5 balls of 50 gms (178 yds) Katia Swing in green. Incidentally, the green yarn that I have is very close to the one worn by the model :) I didn't swatch it ...lazy I ended up with a slightly shorter width for the strap. You can see that it is not perfect!

Guess that I have learnt my lesson...."ALWAYS SWATCH PAT!"


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! I can see why you made it.

knitterPat said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

It turned out so beautifully! I like the bit of trendy look the slightly different strap has. Absolutely lovely!

knitterPat said...

Thanks Holy :) I like lavender too! :D