Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Special Card

Last month I got to know that my friend's mother is suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.  I decided to knit her a cotton/acrylic hat, hoping to keep her spirits high and at the same time providing some warmth.  It flew all the way from Malaysia to Washington.

I used 3 techniques for this hat. Crochet for the band, pick up stitches and machine knit with tuck stitch and finally hand knit the decreasing part for the crown.  The name of this hat is Edwina, after the name of Carole's mother. I think it's such a beautiful name!

Today I have a lovely surprise when I peek into my post box. It's a card from aunty Edwina:

Did you notice that it's her favourite colour? I didn't know what her favourite colour was and was afraid that she might not like it. So glad that she likes it.  I heard from Carole that her mum said it is the most comfortable thing to wear on her head!

Take care aunty Edwina!

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