Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's On My Mind Now?

So sorry that I have neglected my blog again. Being so busy with machine knitting and latest craze is amigurumi. Just can't stopped making those cute and adorable amigurumi. Most of the them were gifted to friends, nephew and niece. Oops..sorry, got carried away ...I am suppose to tell you what's on my mind at the moment! I was looking at these odd balls and thought maybe I can turn them into something useful like a top or even sweater ... AND definitely knit it on my Silver Reed 280....

Top: Berry, Falkland British Merino Sock
Bottom Left : Aqua, Dancing Toes 
Bottom Right: Dark Byzantium, 2 Ply Sock

Oh I forgot to mention that these are my own hand dyed yarns. Since I am using my own yarns, I will name this project DreamPassion.  I think the combination of colours will be nice! What do you think?


Lynne said...

I really like your combo of colors and look forward to seeing what you make.

knitterPat said...

Hi Lynne,

Most probably it's going to be a short sleeve sweater. If I have enough yarns, then I'll prefer it to be 3/4 sleeves!:)