Friday, August 17, 2012

My dream MY PASSION!

Yay! My sweater is finally finished! I did not name it DreamPassion. I like this name better! The sleeves, front and back body were blocked before seaming with mattress stitch. Yes, my favourite stitch for seams. I did not seam it on the machine because I just like to sit back, relax and enjoy seaming. I used to hate seaming but since I've learnt to machine knit, this is the most exciting part for me!

Didn't realize that stripes can be very pretty until I knitted this sweater. Looks like more projects in stripes will be coming up! I still have some Dark Byzantium yarns left. Don't know if I should unravel the sleeves and make it longer?


iKnitU said...

Does the pullover have waist shaping?

knitterPat said...

No waist shaping Chin;)