Friday, April 15, 2011

Tuck In And Enjoy!

This is my first scarf designed for machine knitting on my Silver SK8-200 using my hand painted long colour repeat in Purple Red Lilac colourway.  It is a 50 year old standard gauge machine gifted to me by my dear friend Riki. The scarf was inspired by Sourpatch that I am knitting at the moment. This simple tuck stitch is so easy to knit on the machine and yet beautiful! The best thing about this scarf is there is no right side or wrong side. Both sides has it's own unique pattern and you don't have to worry about wearing it right!

Needle Set-up

# 27                                                                                                   #24
       X          X            X            X            X            X           X           X        

 Co 51 sts with a tappet making a chain for each out of work ndl. T6, knit 2 rows. This is a 6 stitch pattern so you will be pulling out every 6th needle for the tuck stitch with one edge needle on both sides in working position. Pull out ndls marked "X" forward and put on hold position. Knit 6 rows. Take off hold by pushing down russel buttons and knit 2 rows. Next pull centre ndls between the needles marked "X" and knit 6 rows. Push down russel buttons and knit 2 rows. Continue knitting by alternating these two groups   ending with knit 2 rows. Bind off loosely making a chain for each out of work ndl. Block lightly so that you can show off the lovely bubble that is formed by the tucked stitch! :)

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fleegle said...

Oh my!! Your long color repeats are fantastically gorgeous! How do you do the dyeing, if I may ask?

Thanks so much for your kind compliment on my Jaali.

knitterPat said...

Thank you:) It was hand painted on sock blanks!

D said...

Love the scarf but I don't know what a tappet or russel would be. Could you explain those?

Thank you for your pattern.


knitterPat said...

Tappet is a latch tool and russel buttons on my antique machine are for setting the machine to hold. Hope that helps!:)