Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Floral Trim Belt

I was talking to my friend Denise two weeks back and I found out that her birthday was coming. Oh no! I didn't have any present for her! Ideas were going through my mind but I don't have enough time for a decent project. I was flipping through Crochet! May 2009 issue and found this lovely belt.

Floral Trim Belt
I met her in Kuala Lumpur during the school holidays and presented her with this gift. Well, just a little last minute gift! I didn't have her measurement but I guessed a S size would be appropriate. Gosh! I was so glad when Denise told me that it fitted her perfectly. These two photos of the belt worn in two different styles were taken by her 6 year old daughter,Celestine. Clever girl!

I think Denise looks cute too!

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Petrina said...

Wow she looks good with the belt! I better go wish her Happy Birthday too! :) Thanks!