Friday, June 26, 2009

Feather & Fan Scarf

This is a beautiful and ever popular feather and fan stitch pattern from Scarf Style book. The original name is Misty Garden but I like to call it Feather and Fan Scarf. It is knitted from my own hand dyed and hand spun yarn Cotton Candy. I used 5 mm knitting needle for this project. My scarf is a little bit shorter because I only had 223 metres.

The roving before spinning :

Spun to this :

And the finished scarf:
Feather & Fan Scarf

Feather & Fan Scarf

I just love to watch how the colours changes as I was knitting along. Every row is a different colour. It was fun to knit and I couldn't wait to finish it. I am pleased that it turn out well. What do you think?


Petrina said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the colours!! :)

knitterPat said...

Aaw...thank you Petrina.
I love the colours too! :)